Stories essential to understanding the history and current state of racial inequality in America.

12 Years A Slave | Steve McQueen

The African-American struggle in the United States dates back centuries and has been a pressing social issue throughout the nation’s entire history. While most people are generally aware of the country’s track record of slavery and racial inequality, there are pieces of this story in the U.S. that remain largely underreported and misunderstood.

The ongoing protests in response to the killing of George Floyd have ignited an intense discussion on racial injustice and police brutality that continues to gain traction on a national and global scale. …

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There are few things like flipping through the pages of a great story.

Do you remember the last time you were so sucked into a book, you couldn’t go a minute without thinking about it? Maybe it was an unexpected plot twist at the end of a pivotal chapter or a character you were relentlessly obsessed with. Whatever the reason, there are few things like the satisfying sensation of flipping through the pages of a great story.

The ongoing pandemic has people revisiting hobbies they haven’t explored in a long while. …

For writers, every new day provides a blank canvas. The world is full of infinite colors, each at their disposal.

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From as far back as I can remember, I’ve always had an adoration for the way words could illuminate the beauty in the world around us. Whether it was a sports broadcaster describing the detail of a great play over the radio, a perfectly-timed line in the pivotal scene of a classic movie, or the phrasing of certain lyrics in a great song, the world of words had me in its grip from the very start. Somehow, someway, I knew I wanted to create a world of my own one day.

For writers, every new day provides a blank canvas…

A simple concept, yet one many of us take for granted.

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It’s already late February and spring is right around the corner, but it feels early enough in the year where new year’s resolutions and the aroma of fresh personal goals are still in the air. One saying you commonly see people refer to every January 1 is the goal to worry less about distractions and live more in the present.

For a long time, I thought I understood what “being present” meant. I mean, I’m always living in the present, aren’t I? Over the past few weeks, my schedule got slightly hectic. You know, the usual saying yes to lots…

Life lessons from writing manuals, rock biographies, self-help books, and more.

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In a previous post, I mentioned how reading more has become one of my main goals over the past couple of years. Building a solid reading habit is still a work in progress but in 2019, the handful of books I read impacted me in a lot of different ways. Most of my recent reading involves music history and self-help type stuff. I hope to branch out some more this year and dive into different genres and expand my pallet a little bit, but at the end of the day, you like what you like.

Below are key takeaways and…

Thanks, baseball. We’re eternally yours.


For today’s installment of the 30 Day Writing Challenge, I teamed up with my writing comrades Shane Elias-Calles and Paul Keating for a unique experiment. Rather than write our own articles, we collaborated on one joint piece centered around a single topic. As former college teammates and longtime athletes, we decided to write about the game of baseball and the life lessons it taught us. Each paragraph serves as a response to the one preceding it. We had a lot of fun cranking this one out — enjoy!

Paul: Popped out the womb, and boom, a baseball bat was in…

How to combat the infinite amount of things vying for our daily attention.

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For the past 26 days, I’ve written and published at least one article on Medium, in addition to a few other writing projects. Writing has always been a hobby of mine and while I’ve written plenty of pieces over the last few years, I’ve never committed to a schedule of producing written content at this level of volume in such a short amount of time.

At first, I thought I may reach a point of creative stagnancy — not knowing what to write about next or even worse, not having anything to say about, well, anything. Thankfully, it has been…

Ultimately, we always have a choice in how we respond.

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For the first time in a while, I spent the bulk of my Sunday at the baseball field. Spring is upon us and I couldn’t be more excited to be back on the diamond for a new season of coaching. Today, I was helping out with evaluations for the rec league my travel ball kids play in. All of the travel coaches usually show up and help run the kids through drills while the parents handle all the sign-ups. It’s a fun time.

Everything was going as planned until about an hour into the first age group. As I was…

I bought my first vinyl records in 2015, well before I ever had a record player.

I bought my first vinyl records in 2015, well before I ever had a record player. The first albums I ever bought were Blu & Exile’s Below the Heavens and Danny Brown’s XXX — two of my favorite hip-hop records to this day. Though I had no means of being able to play or listen to them, starting my own music collection made me feel all kinds of excited.

My relationship with vinyl has evolved in the time since I started collecting. Before I ever owned an LP, my impression of vinyl was that it was an old-fashioned interest that…

A few reminders on the importance of connecting with and understanding others.

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One of my favorite things I do is coaching youth baseball. Today our team had its first practice of the spring. It was the first time I had seen some of the kids since mid-December when we finished up our fall season. I started coaching with my current organization in the summer of 2018 and have had many of the same kids on my team throughout this entire period, so by now we know each other pretty well. They know how to get on my nerves and I know how to get on theirs. Being responsible for 12 boys can…

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